Granger ULD Features

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Durable Single Piece Poly Shells

Granger's innovative single piece polymer shell produces incredible strength and durability which leads to a reduction in maintenance with a significantly reduced number of fasteners. The reduced number of replacement parts aides in reduced inventories and reduced overheads, thus increasing profits. Fly your containers longer with Granger Aerospace ULDs!

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PoLYMER/Aluminum Construction

High strength aluminum base designed to handle baggage, heavy cargo and to withstand the rigorous daily operations of commercial airlines, cargo operations, small package sort facilities and much more! Strength of aluminum combined with futuristic polymer durability!

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Stand out from the Competition

In todays fast moving, ever changing markets, we all have to stand out from our competition. Take your marketing and branding to the next level with custom color ULD Containers from Granger Aerospace! Improve inventory tracking and tarmac efficiences by easily identifying your containers with custom color ULD Containers from Granger Aerospace!

ULD Container being loaded, ULD Container, Air Cargo Container being Loaded, Air Freight Container being loaded, ULD Container going onto a plane

Innovative design features

Robust, Durable and innovative

Granger Plastics Company has been involved in the production of certified, airworthy, Air Cargo Containers as well as ULD containers for over 20 years.

Granger's high quality production and industry proficiency helped direct the decision for Granger to introduce, Granger Aerospace, A Division of Granger Industries focused on providing solutions for the Aerospace and Defense sectors. This decision enabled Granger Plastics to work towards obtaining it's extremely lauded TSO C90d accreditation from the FAA.